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Apply for the Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grant Program (Up to US$500,000 in grant available)


Are you an independent researcher or part of a public research institution seeking opportunities to advance understanding of the Internet and its impact on society? Look no further! The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Grant Program is now open for applications until May 14.

Application Status: Open until May 14

Target Audience: Independent researchers and public research institutions

The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Program aims to foster global research collaborations that contribute to the advancement of the Internet and its significance for all. By supporting innovative methodologies and diverse research endeavors, the program seeks to facilitate access to knowledge that can inform decision-making in both government and industry spheres.

Program Objectives:

  1. Promote novel methodologies to address Internet-related challenges.
  2. Identify and support a diverse and collaborative group of researchers and research institutions.
  3. Facilitate access to intersectional research applicable to decision-making processes.

The program emphasizes applied and open research, meaning that projects should seek to address real-world questions and be openly published for the scientific community. Ethical considerations are paramount, particularly regarding research involving human or animal subjects.

Areas of Focus:

The Research Grant Program invites proposals addressing the following thematic areas:

  1. Greening the Internet: Explore the environmental impact of the Internet, including energy consumption, waste generation, and resilience to climate change.
  2. The Internet Economy: Analyze the transformative effects of the Internet on traditional economic structures and explore opportunities for equitable participation in a digitizing global economy.
  3. A Trustworthy Internet: Investigate the resilience, reliability, accountability, and security of the Internet, with a focus on meeting user expectations and addressing potential gaps in trust.
  4. Decolonizing the Internet: Examine the Internet’s role in perpetuating or mitigating inequalities, injustices, and cultural erasure, with an emphasis on practices that promote inclusivity and justice.


  • Independent researchers should hold a postgraduate research degree (PhD, Masters) and demonstrate relevant publications or work.
  • Public research institutions must be 501c3 or equivalent, with a mission aligned to that of the Foundation.

Application Process:

Applications are accepted from April 2nd to May 14th, 2024. Interested applicants must submit their proposals through Fluxx, the Foundation’s grants management system. The review process involves initial screening by staff, followed by evaluation from independent External Reviewers.

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Selection Criteria:

Final submissions will be evaluated based on alignment with thematic areas, novelty, applicability to decision-making, collaboration, and intersectional approach.


The program offers two levels of funding:

  • Up to US$200,000 for independent researchers.
  • Up to US$500,000 for organizations and institutions.

Successful applicants will be responsible for grant management and reporting requirements throughout the project.

How to Apply:

Ensure your application is submitted through the Foundation’s grants management system, Fluxx, and meets all eligibility requirements. Separate registration forms are available for organizations/universities and individual researchers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research on the Internet’s impact and potential! Apply now to make a difference in shaping the digital future.

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Read the 2023 Program Impact Report



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