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Check Oman Resident Card Status Online


Check Oman Resident Card Status Online

For foreigners It is necessary to know the rules and regulations of the country in which he resides as a foreigner.

We should know that some documents such as passport, iqama, visa or resident card It must be renewed on time before it expires.

A visa is the only document that allows you to reside in a country. Therefore, you should have a valid visa while living in a country other than your home country.

Therefore, you should take into account the expiration date of all necessary documents. So that you do not have to pay any violation fines.

If you are the one thinking of traveling to Oman. and have applied for a visa And now want to check the weather whether the visa was issued or not. If you don’t know how to do this then don’t stress because we are here with lots of information:

Check Oman Resident Card Status Online

In this article you will find all the information that will lead you to how to check your Omani residency card status online.

Check your residence card status online via passport number:


The following are necessary to check your visa status through passport number:

• After completing the visa application. Applicants will receive a visa application reference number, which must be entered first.

• To check visa status You will need to provide your passport details to track the status of your visa application on the official page.

• After that, you should keep this in mind whenever you apply for an Oman tourist visa or any type of visa online. You will need to create your email account. This is because all your visa details will be sent to your email. Therefore, it is an extremely important and important step.

• Then the only other thing required are the login details which include your email, password and verification code that automatically appears on your mobile screen.

Check Oman Resident Card Status Online
Check Oman Resident Card Status Online

Steps to check Oman visa or residence card status:

• The first and most important step to check your visa status is to visit the official Oman Police website.

When you open the website, you will see the following details on the home page. Royal Omani Police website

  • Know your visa type
  • Track your application
  • Share your experience
  • Frequently asked questions

The options mentioned above are at the top of the home page.

• Then, the second step is to click on the option to track your visa application which can be found in the top left corner.

• Clicking this will take you to a new page where you will enter your personal information. where they will ask you to enter:

Your visa application number

Travel document number that is the passport number

Nationality from your country of residence

• The next step is to enter a captcha code consisting of numbers, letters, and symbols.

If you can’t understand the code You can request a new code which will be sent to you over and over until you type it correctly. On the left side you will find two small arrows, once clicked you will get a new captcha.

•When complete information and details are completed. Ready to check visa status You can click search on the right hand side. You are now ready to view the status of your application whether it has been accepted or rejected.

Oman Visa Status Check

If you have applied for verification of your Omani residence card status online. And you’re not sure if it’s being processed or not. This confusion will also be removed by the Omani Police. Because this report has been made available on their official website.

This step will help you see how long it will take for your visa to be issued. or how long your visa will take to process all of these things. You can confirm here.

The importance of checking the status of your residence card

Verifying your residence card status is important for the following reasons:

• Preparing money:

This is important because if you know your visa is about to be approved. You can prepare for your finances. Because you will need money to buy tickets and other things. More for your trip to Oman

• Preparing your luggage:

Once you have received confirmation that your visa is about to be approved or is in good progress. You can prepare your own luggage.

• Satisfaction:

Tracking your visa status is also important. Because it gives you peace of mind by knowing where your visa is being processed. Therefore, it is also a satisfactory operation.

• Apply again:

In the unfortunate event that your visa is not processed Your visa will be stopped for any reason. You can take action immediately by submitting additional documents if necessary or anything else.

Check Oman Resident Card Status Online
Check Oman Resident Card Status Online

Visa application reference number

Once you have completed all the online visa application steps, You will receive a visa reference number. After receiving that reference number You are now ready to check your visa status using your passport number and visa reference number.

Types of visas in Oman:

Oman offers different types of visas, which depend on the purpose of your visit. Some of them include:

  • Work visa for Oman
  • Online visa for Oman
  • family visa for Oman
  • Transit visa for Oman
  • Student visa for Oman
  • And there may be many more.

Check Oman Resident Card Status Online That is all you can do to track your visa status by Oman Royal Police website designed for the convenience of expatriates where they may get confirmation about their visa status whether it is pending or not.

So, all about checking Omani residency card status online. Now you can apply for an Oman visa and change your life because Oman is a rich country that offers many jobs to foreigners.


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