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List of insurance companies in Oman


Oman is located in the Saudi Arabian neighborhood as well as Saudi Arabia is rich in oil production due to which Oman’s economy is increasing day by day.

For this reason, many expats want to live in Oman and increase their income.

Oman is also part of the GCC countries which are progressing day by day. Many expats travel to Oman to find work like other GCC countries.

Many people visit Oman for educational purposes. political seminar medical purposes And last but not least Foreigners also travel to Oman in search of work.

As it is evident and everyone knows that countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, South Africa and others. The Middle East is facing the problem of unemployment due to poverty. increasing population bad education system and rising inflation

Insurance companies in Oman

in Oman and in many developed countries. Medications can be a problem because of their cost. Car repairs can be a problem. Renting a home can be a problem.

Therefore, for solving these problems Many insurance companies are taking action. Not only in Oman But in many GCC countries and European countries Because in these countries the majority of people are foreigners.

Insurance companies in Oman
Insurance companies in Oman

List of insurance companies in Oman

  1. Insurance Broker Partners
  2. Oman Qatar Insurance Company
  3. Bima
  4. Al Madina Takaful
  5. Vision insurance
  1. Insurance Broker Partners

in the Sultanate of Oman Insurance Broker Alliance takes the lead as an insurance company licensed by the Capital Markets Authority.

It is a single solution for all your insurance needs. Alliance Insurance also offers comprehensive insurance solutions and risk management programs. Because there are many customizable insurance policies to meet the needs of customers.

This insurance company offers the best possible programs that meet the needs of every organization.

Insurance policies provided by Insurance Partners

  • 1- Car insurance
  • 2- Project insurance
  • 3- Vehicle insurance
  • 4- General Liability Insurance
  • 5- Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • 6- Property insurance
  • 7- Employee benefits
  • 8- Including personal business lines such as cars, houses,
  • 9- Health insurance
Insurance companies in Oman
Insurance companies in Oman

2- Oman Qatar Insurance Company

This insurance company operates in both Qatar and Oman for the convenience of expatriates.

It’s a small branch. Qatar Insurance has outstanding projects not only in Qatar. but also in Oman

Insurance companies in Oman
Insurance companies in Oman

Insurance Policy of Oman Qatar Insurance

  • Property Insurance:
  • Engineering insurance
  • accident insurance
  • Male work compensation insurance

In addition to these insurance packages Oman Qatar Insurance Company also offers a range of other specialized insurance such as event cancellation, hole-in-one, trade credit.

3- Bima:

This is one of the most reputable and reliable insurance companies operating in Oman.

This insurance company is accredited and licensed by the CMA and provides customer service 24/7.

Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied before the insurance policy is issued.

The service is very fast as the policy is issued within 15 minutes.

Insurance packages of Bima Insurance

  1. • Car insurance
  2. • Travel insurance
  3. • Domestic insurance
  4. • Health insurance
  5. • Life loans

By Bima, easy and fast insurance compared to others.


You can contact this number for any assistance or complaint.

+968 79997797

4- Al Madina Takaful

Al madinah takaful is one of the most reliable insurance companies. Because it has been open for business in Oman for a long time.

Insurance companies in Oman
Insurance companies in Oman

Al Madinah Takaful Insurance Package


  • car insurance
  • engineering insurance
  • Property and commercial insurance
  • Employee benefits insurance
  • Life insurance group loans
  • General accident insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • car insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Housekeeper insurance
  • life insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Handicraft Happiness Insurance
  • Personal loans, life insurance
  • Personal critical illness insurance
  • Livestock insurance
  • Company travel insurance covers:
  • personal accident
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Trip cancellation
  • Lost baggage
  • personal liability
  • legal assistance
  • repatriation

Contact and address of insurance companies in Oman

Company office address:

Office No. 301/302, Building No. 6
3rd Floor, Muscat Grand Kubra Shopping Center, PO Box 80, Muscat Grand Mall, PC 136


  • Tel: +968 22033888
  • Fax: +968 22033833
  • Call toll free 80080808

5- Vision insurance:

Vision Insurance is an Omani national insurance company authorized to provide a full line of general and life insurance products.

Vision Investment services B.S.O.

It is a leading asset management company in Oman, together with Al Wathba National, established in 2007.


All insurance companies in Oman mentioned above are registered and licensed. But when you pay any insurance company Than you should gather all the information about that company first to avoid fraud and save money from your hard work.

as a foreigner As an expat, you should know everything about the country you live in. And you should also check with the insurance company. Because with the help of an insurance policy You cannot enter the full amount of expenses. Whether it be medical expenses or travel expenses, cars, property insurance, etc.

If you are someone who wants to know which insurance policy he or she should choose than we have already explained. Many reliable insurance companies in Oman And you trust them and invest your money without stress.

As we know that in countries other than your home country You will find everything very expensive. Because GCC countries offer many things a lot to local people as compared to foreigners.

So please read the article and change your life because you will find it very useful and informative.


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