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Ndutu-Southern Serengeti Accommodation | Tanzania Tours


Ndutu-Southern Serengeti Accommodation: Hello from Ndutu, a region known for its stunning scenery and unrivaled wildlife viewing opportunities. You will be in good hands if you decide to visit this amazing place anytime soon. Tanzania safari tours 2024-2025Ndutu’s grasslands connect to the Serengeti in the north and are part of the annual cycle of the Great Migration during birthing seasonThe grasslands of the Ndutu plains contain hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and antelope. They are closely followed by predators who hunt them down.

Together with the Ndutu and Masek lakes, the Ndutu Plain allows visitors to enjoy kopjes, acacia trees, and the seemingly endless plains that seem to stretch to the edge of the world. You can stay in camps or yurts. Most of which have views of vast plains and lakes. Authentic African safari experience

Where to stay in NDUTU during your safari tour?

Here are the top 7 best places to stay for a comfortable stay. Tanzania safari tours In Ndutu:

  1. Lake Ndutu Luxury Tent Lodge

Location: About 300 kilometers or five hours by car or one hour by plane from Arusha, Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge is located within. Ngorongoro Conservation AreaIn the southeastern plains of the Serengeti habitat.

The only place in the Serengeti ecosystem where migratory animals such as wildebeest and zebra are found. Able to roam for more than five months is Ndutu, which attracts a large and diverse range of predators. It serves as the main breeding ground for zebras and wildebeest. They often give birth to thousands of calves and pups between January and March on the short grass plains of Ndutu and the southeastern Serengeti.

The resort is also conveniently located to the world famous Ngorongoro Crater to the east. They are 90 km (2 hours drive) away Kusini and Moru in the southern Serengeti; and Seronera Valley One of the best places to see wildlife in the heart of the Serengeti. It is approximately 80 km away (1.5 hours drive).

Accommodation: 20 guest tents at Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge, including two family suites with three interconnecting tents, each set on a platform and raised 1 meter above the surrounding landscape. Luxurious tented accommodations. Each room has wooden floors and a makuti roof for protection from the elements and shade. Including a spacious bedroom with floor-to-ceiling glass panels at the front. This allows visitors to have a wide view of the surrounding natural bush from within the terrace.

The tents offer a unique combination of luxury living and Authentic African safari experienceComes with plenty of space for sleeping, mosquito net, and bedside table. Rattan chairs with coffee table, wardrobe and hair dryer. dressing table Writing desk with chair luggage rack small refrigerator and tea and coffee making facilities. The interior uses natural carvings and bright colors. Emphasis is placed on traditional African culture. The ensuite bathroom has two sinks, a flush toilet and two showers (one outside and one inside) with hot and cold running water included in the ensuite bathroom. This eco-friendly resort uses solar energy as its electricity source. Backed by a backup generator and 2 inverters, all tents have free Wi-Fi and 24-hour electricity.

Amenities and Services: The dining room and lounge has a spacious outside courtyard and is set on a raised platform with a makuti roof and wooden floors. You will be amazed by the lodge chef’s wide variety of freshly prepared meals. This includes international and local food.

There is a souvenir shop and an observation deck with a magnifying glass between the common areas. The dining area and lounge are separated from the reception. which has 2 bathrooms and a relaxation area.

For those who want to cool off before or after an early morning drive or walking safari, There is a swimming pool that provides much needed happiness. Views of Lake Ndutu and the surrounding nature can be enjoyed from the swimming pool, which is located 2.2 meters above ground and not far from the lounge. It is the perfect combination of luxury and natural surroundings.

Maasai Boma Lodge’s dining area is a charming place that introduces visitors to Maasai culture. The hotel’s chef uses Boma to host barbecue evenings under the stars. These are themed nights featuring local entertainers as entertainment. Native Maasai people often visit and perform traditional Maasai dances for guests in front of the fire. Maasai women from nearby communities have created boma to promote unity and provide sustenance for the community. Maasai women improve the boda by painting their works of art on the walls covered with clay. They are also hired to repair and improve buildings from time to time.

The camp offers wildlife viewing drives in open safari vehicles from the lodge. Take a nature walk Lunch in the forest and watch the sunset For those who want to travel by air over the plains. The lodge is conveniently located within the operational boundaries of Serengeti hot air balloon safari.

  1. Kusini Holy Camp

Sanctuary Kusini is located in the quiet southern Serengeti. It is approximately a 30 to 45 minute drive from Serengeti South Airfield. Built on beautiful rocks and on the path of Wildebeest migration.

Accommodation: Spread across the main kopje, Sanctuary Kusini has 12 spacious double tents, each with an indoor shower and en-suite bathroom. Each tent has a large private deck decorated with comfortable furnishings. and views of the surrounding bushes This is where lions, buffalo and zebras can often be seen all year round. Tent accommodations include a safe, hairdryer and mosquito net, and each visitor has their own personal tent attendant to take care of their every need while there.

Services and Amenities: Main area with wooden deck and adjacent kopje with stunning views. There is a dining area, living room and library. The camp has a boutique where you can buy trinkets. Free wireless Internet access is available in the rooms. A battery system and a silent generator combine to produce electricity.

Sundowners is served on a rock formation called a kopje, where guests can relax on large cushions and enjoy breathtaking sunsets and 360-degree views of the surrounding area. Take part in a cosmic safari, or stargazing, under the African sky, atop a kopje, or around a campfire. Camp managers will use a green laser pointer to reveal the universe and guide you.

American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and US dollars, pounds, and euros are accepted. If paying in USD, you will receive changes to USD. For all other currencies, changes will be noted in the local currency. Diners cards not accepted.

  1. Ndutu Safari Lodge

Location: Approximately 30 kilometers from the Nabi entrance gate to Serengeti National ParkNdutu Safari Lodge is 1 km from Ndutu Airfield and 280 km from Arusha Town, located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in the southeast of Serengeti ecosystem.

Accommodation: 34 self-contained cottages made from local materials. With a private balcony overlooking Lake Ndutu, nestled behind the shade of towering acacia trees. There are 10 wheelchair accessible rooms with double beds, 18 twin rooms with single beds, 5 triple rooms and a family room that can accommodate parents and two children, although Ndutu Camp currently has Cozy cottage But it still maintains the warm and friendly atmosphere of the original George Dove bush tent camp from the 1960s.

Services and Amenities: A dining room, living room and open bar are located in the main central building. Other amenities include laundry service, internet, telephone and fax. Antique/souvenir shops, campfires and rangers on stilt safari trails are less than 1 kilometer from the resort.

  1. Masek Lake Tent Camp

Location: Located near the shores of Lake Masek in the southern part of the Serengeti Ecosystem, Ngorongoro Reserve is home to Lake Masek Tented Lodge, approximately 280 km from Arusha and 4 km from Ndutu and Seronera airstrips.

Accommodation: Lake Masek has 20 fully equipped tents with 220-volt solar lighting, 5 king beds and 15 twin beds, all raised on wooden floors. Each tent has its own bathroom with shower and bathtub.

Services and Amenities: The quaint main house features a dining area with terrace, lounge, library and bar. There is also a laundry service, telephone, Wi-Fi in the main building, and an antique/souvenir shop. Guided tour with Maasai guide and cultural excursions to Maasai villages.

  1. Ndutu under canvas

You don’t have to look further than Ndutu Under Canvas if you’re looking for a more personal and immersive experience. You may experience a combination of luxury and nature at our tented camp. Where comfort is not sacrificed in order to connect with the natural world.

The spacious canvas tents are tastefully decorated. It provides a comfortable place to stay after a day of wildlife exploring. Imagine waking up to the golden rays of the sun filtering through your tent and falling asleep to the sounds of the African jungle. You may enjoy a picnic in the forest. Take a drive to watch the sunset. and go on a guided safari at Ndutu Under Canvas.

  1. Masek Lake Tent Lodge

Located on the shores of Lake Masek, this lodge offers you a peaceful and beautiful environment. Ndutu Holiday. Spacious tented cabins are furnished with contemporary amenities and artistically designed. A comfortable stay is guaranteed.

From your private balcony You can enjoy sweeping views of the lake and native wildlife. The lodge’s restaurant serves delicious meals made with fresh, local ingredients. This will take your taste buds on an adventure with Tanzanian food. After traveling all day Stop by the pool or pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

  1. Endutu Kati Kati Tent Camp

Ndutu Kati Kati Tented Camp is a great option for anyone looking for an authentic jungle experience without sacrificing comfort. The campsite has spacious and comfortable tents with private balconies and en-suite bathrooms.

Accommodation in Ndutu-Southern Serengeti
Endutu Kati Kati Tent Camp

Immerse yourself in the secluded surroundings and let the sounds of nature soothe you throughout the day. The camp has arranged game drives with knowledgeable guides who will take you on an exciting wildlife experience. Gather around the fire in the evening to listen to stories about the bush.

Summary: Where to stay in NDUTU during your safari tour?

That’s it! We’ve reviewed all of the incredible accommodation options in Ndutu to ensure you find the perfect spot to rest and rejuvenate when you visit in 2024–2025. Ndutu has a range of accommodations to suit any traveller’s tastes and budgets. From luxury hotels to quaint guesthouses and private tent camps. By choosing the right accommodation, you can enhance your entire trip and fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Ndutu.

Ndutu offers everything you could possibly need. Including being close to wild animals Amazing scenery and a peaceful retreat amidst the natural world. Book your hotel Welcome outdoor activities and let Ndutu charm you!

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