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Renew your UAE driver’s license urgently.


The UAE is fully known as the United Arab Emirates and is a union of seven states. For this reason it is called the United Arab Emirates. If we talk about the United Arab Emirates It would be unfair to ignore its glories and achievements. Because it is a developed and convenient country that provides all the amenities that someone needs to live a healthy and luxurious life.

Renew your UAE driver’s license urgently.

Due to this prosperity, most of the people from each country are benefiting from the country’s amenities and making their lives easier and making it easier for their loved ones.

Renewal of UAE driving license
United Arab Emirates driving license

Dubai has beautiful beaches. vast desert good education system Good health system and many other things that are really interesting. The Dubai government provides many job opportunities such as doctors, teachers, engineers, software engineers, drivers and many more.

So, if you live in the UAE and you own a car. You must own Because it is very difficult to wait for a bus or taxi in the extremely hot weather of the Uae, or traveling on foot is miserable or really impossible. So my point is To clarify, every 3rd person in Dubai has a car, so keep in mind that you should always drive with your license if you are caught without a license or if your license has expired. You can be fined or imprisoned.

Remember that you should renew your driver’s license on time. Because you should know that UAE is very strict regarding rules and regulations. and related to documents and renewals So if you do not renew your license, visa or iqama on time, you will have to pay a fine and, in extreme cases, jail time.

in the United Arab Emirates Drivers can face heavy penalties and fines for driving without a valid license in the UAE. The UAE government requires drivers to renew their license on time after it expires.

As we know that people in different countries are very busy each day. Everyone wants their work to be done online while sitting at home. So considering the problems people face due to not having enough time. Almost all Emiratis therefore tolerate the United Arab Emirates. Online driver’s license renewal that saves drivers both time and effort.

Driver’s license renewal requirements in the UAE

Those who are applying for a license for the first time Renewing a driver’s license is also easy for them. Because most of the steps are the same as applying for a license.

License for applicants 21 years of age or older.

For these applicants Driving licenses are valid for 2 years and after renewal are valid for 15 years for residents. And UAE and GCC citizens can renew their driving licenses, which are valid for 10 years.

For applicants under 21 years of age

The validity of a driver’s license for applicants under 21 years of age is 1 year.

All steps for renewing your driver’s license can be done online. But this must be done offline from an approved eye testing center.

Renewal of UAE driving license
United Arab Emirates driving license

Documents required for renewing a driving license in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, certain important documents are required to renew your driving license. Therefore, you must submit these documents to renew your driver’s license:

First, make sure you have an expired driver’s license. Because it is necessary for renewal

After that, a photocopy of the residence visa and passport pages is required.

Additionally, a copy and original Emirates ID card are required.

Then you need two passport sized photos.

A certificate of vision examination at a trusted medical center is also required.

You will also need to provide a letter of authorization from an authorized driving school as proof of payment of the fee.

No matter what city you live in The documents mentioned above are required to renew your driving license in all cities of the United Arab Emirates.

Renewal of UAE driving license
United Arab Emirates driving license

UAE Driver’s License Online Renewal

The UAE government wants to provide a welcoming environment for everyone. So to be able to renew easily without wasting time. The online procedure is therefore possible as described below:

Official website of RTA Dubai

RTA deals with all traffic agreements in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the RTA official website offers a simple, online and user-friendly method for renewing your Dubai driving license online.

First, you must take a mandatory eye test from an RTA accredited eye testing center. Now is the right time to visit the RTA official website.

How to renew your license through the RTA

If you want to renew your driving license online through RTA, you should follow the steps mentioned below. Let’s take a look at these steps:

Step 1:

First, you need to click on the option of Driver and Vehicle Owner Services tab available on the RTA official website.

Step 2:

You should then go to the Driver’s License Services tab and access the Dubai Driver’s License Renewal Service.

Step 3:

Third, you must upload all required and valid documents.

Step 4:

You should then pay all outstanding fees and fines, which can be done by debit or credit card.

Step 5:

If you meet all the requirements. The website will provide you with a temporary driver’s license immediately. This can be used for a certain period of time until the original card is ready.

Step 6:

Please note that temporary driving licenses are valid for 5 to 15 business days, after which they will not be accepted.

Step 7:

You can then pick up your driving license from the Happiness Centers in Al Barsha or Deira.

Step 8:

In case you do not agree and you cannot choose. Doing so is another option to obtain a license. For which you will have to pay AED 25 for delivery. and receive your new driver’s license at your doorstep.

So, if you are one who is worried about how can you renew your driving license online than we are here to remove all your tension because in this article we have discussed methods for you that you can follow to renew your driving license online. if You read this article every hour more than you will find it useful and fruitful.


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