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Report a lost Emirates ID to police online.


The Emirates is the most civilized country. People from all over the world come to earn money and start their lives. And people still come to visit the beautiful and exciting destinations that the Emirates has to offer.

Report a lost Emirates ID Police online

People from all over the world come to the Emirates to make their lives easy and full of life.

This is a country of seven states. And the state of this country is very beautiful and very disciplined. The names of the states are Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Ummul Quwain, Fujariyah.

Report a lost Emirates ID to police online.
Report a lost Emirates ID to police online.

So, to live in the country of the state for the Emirates? You must have an Emirates ID. It is an identification card issued to you by the federal Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICP).

So you must know how important an Emirates ID card is. Everyone staying in the Emirates, weather they are residents or visitors of the Emirates, they must carry their card with them at all times. Otherwise it will face some problems.

So, if you lost your Emirates ID card, don’t worry in this article. You will know what you should do and what your first steps will be after showing your Emirates ID.

Steps you need to follow

If your Emirates ID card is damaged or stolen by anyone You must follow these steps.

You must first report the relevant authority.
At any ICA Customer Happiness Center near you, you must first report the incident to them.

When will you go to the center? Bring the correct documents with you to verify your identity. So they can deactivate your ID easily and quickly.

If you do not have a copy of your ID card You can ask them to issue you a copy of your stolen ID.

In the event that the card is damaged You must carry your old card with you.

The following are documents that you must carry with you to identify yourself as evidence when you report an incident.

So for nationals of uae:

UAE citizens are required to have a valid family book along with your original passport. Therefore, this book is for UAE nationals.

For GCC nationals

Valid employment card or certificate Correct marriage certificate School registration certificate ownership contract commercial license Certificate of Dependency and real estate lease contracts

Foreigners: Have a valid stamped residence permit and a valid passport. You will want.

(under 15 ) children.
The child’s guardian must also provide the child’s original birth certificate and passport-sized photograph.

Report a lost Emirates ID to police online.
Report a lost Emirates ID to police online.

Emirates IC card replacement

Here are the steps on how you can apply for a replacement Emirates ID if your ID is stolen or damaged.

You must first report the incident to the ICP, then you must immediately apply for a replacement ID card.

To complete the process of changing your national ID card You must submit the form.
From the ICA Customer Happiness Center you can fill out a form.

To fill out the online form You can go to the official page of ICA.

You can also submit resume forms with the ICA app, which allows you to complete your replacement forms.

Application fee if changed

Report a lost Emirates ID to police online.
Report a lost Emirates ID to police online.

We will now discuss the fees for replacing ID cards.
And if your ID card is stolen or damaged?

Replacement fee: AED 300
The typing center fee for printing is AED 70 through an electronic form fee of AED 40.

Therefore, you must pay the fee along with the application.
For this purpose, all foreigners, expatriates and residents are also subject to these charges.

Collecting your new cards

When you apply for a new card change You will also receive a confirmation message from ICA regarding the application submission date and delivery date.

It’s all about replacing a new Emirates card for a stolen or damaged ID. that you are searching and hope you found this article to be fully useful to you and also help you to change your ID card easily.


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