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Tipping on Safari in Uganda | Uganda Safari Tours


Tipping on Safari in Uganda: This tipping guide aims to make it easy for you to show your appreciation to those who helped you during your stay. Uganda safari vacationUnlike other places, tipping is not required after service. As such, tipping is up to you as the guest. Because no one will warn you or give advice about this.

In addition to tradition Tipping is also always welcome and greatly appreciated. This is because the people providing your services are paid by their employer. Tips then offer additional money that can help them greatly. Most Ugandans earn low salaries. And tips are very valuable.

You can tip anyone who offers you a service or product. This is because tipping is not customary. From guide drivers to game rangers. Hotel/Residence staff and those who peddle goods or sell food to you on the street. It is therefore recommended that you purchase local Ugandan currency as a tip for those who may find it difficult to convert money to UGX. Just remember that there are no rules on this matter. Give according to your strength and your heart.

Should you tip in Uganda?

Tipping is not a customary practice in Uganda. Therefore, neither the service provider nor the recipient expects to receive a tip after a job well done.

If you are a visitor Uganda on safari and you have questions about tipping there You should know that tipping is not required anywhere in Uganda. You are free to choose whether or not to tip and how much. It is not required.

But should you tip? Tipping is definitely encouraged when you can. Why? Because most employees in your service chain are paid wages that they can barely survive on. Their lives and the lives of their dependents are thus greatly improved by TIP. which serves as valuable additional income

Who should I tip?

People who really deserve it. People you will interact with often And people who go out of their way to make sure you have a positive experience are the people you should be giving advice to. Here are the people you should consider tipping:

Tipping on Safari in Uganda
Tipping on Safari in Uganda

Tour driver: If I say so Your tour guide will be your closest confidant if you are on a guided tour. This is the person who will make your trip great. He or she provides a wealth of knowledge about the surroundings, objects, and inhabitants. They also make sure that you travel safely.

Activity/Destination Guide: in many places you will travel to You will meet your guide who will show you around. Activities or destinations, provide information and make sure you have fun, for example during a gorilla trek. walking chimpanzee and other experiences, you’ll have a guide. Guides are also available at local landmarks, museums, and galleries.

Tracker: so that your guide can plan the route gorilla and chimpanzees Trackers will go ahead of you to find gorillas and chimpanzees and report their location. Trackers are often neglected. But they do a great job of living with these primates in the wild. and make sure you don’t miss them. Before you encounter a primate You will find trackers near gorillas or chimpanzees.

Servants and waiters: These are available at all your hotels and restaurants while you travel.

Porter: When hiking, those in need of porters can hire one for $20 and provide assistance in challenging situations. You can leave an additional tip to the porter at the end of the activity.

Security officer: You can find security guards at the residences to watch the doors. And you will be provided with a lifeguard when participating in hiking activities in the park. Because there isn’t much interaction with security guards. So they often don’t see the value when it comes to tips. Even though they do an excellent job of keeping you safe. They are also the lowest paid.

How much should I tip?

For most travelers This is the most important question. Especially for those who have travel experience and know that tipping is required, any tip that you deem appropriate and permissible is accepted. When tipping people on the list above Use the formula below.

  • For carrying luggage in hotels UGX 1000 to UGX 2000 (USD 0.5 to USD 1).
  • In the hotel tip box (instead of tipping individually): approximately UGX 10,000 (US$2 to US$3)
  • Gorilla Tracking Guide: UGX 20,000 to UGX 50,000 (USD 6 to USD 13)
  • Gorilla Trackers and Armed Guard (about 3 to 5 people): at least UGX 10,000 per person (2 to 3 USD)
  • Chimpanzee Tracking Guide: At least UGX 10,000 (USD 2 to USD 3)
  • Driver guide: approximately UGX 35,000 (USD 10) per day.
  • To Birder (Bird Watching Guide): About UGX 10,000 (USD 2 to USD 3) for 2 to 3 hours of birding.
  • To Birder (birdwatching guide): approximately UGX 75,000 (US$20) for a full day of birdwatching.
  • To canoe rider: approximately UGX 10,000 (USD 2 to USD 3)
  • Boat Rider: Approximately UGX 10,000 (USD 2 to USD 3)
  • Guided nature walks: approximately UGX 5,000 (USD 1 to USD 2).

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